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Who are the Iversen Practice?

Our Values


We are individuals with a unique set of qualifications, experience and personalities who understand that one size doesn’t fit all.


We begin a two-way bold, transformative conversation.


To change (and fix) you we have to push you to change (and fix) yourself.


We are forensic,
strategic and analytical.


We provide a safe and
secure place to tell it
like it is.


We help you find
the courage
to be the best you.

Coaching with a critical difference

We struggle with coaching as a definition. Most of us have experienced coaching at some point in our careers, and not every encounter will have been a positive one. The word also has limitations. It doesn’t fully explain the service we offer. It suggests certain expectations.

If you work with the Iversen Practice, we promise one thing. At the start you may think you know where we are headed. By the end you will have progressed more than you thought was possible. You will know that not all coaches are created equal.

An approach rooted in science

The human mind is mysterious and intricate. To deal with issues effecting individual performance, we go deep. During our sessions topics surface that can cut to the bone of individual identity. To expertly handle subject matter of that weight, to get to the heart of the issue, you need extra training. The breadth of our expertise gives us a deeper appreciation of how the mind works.

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