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Why use us?

A cadre of individuals from a variety of backgrounds

The Iversen Practice unites a team of coaches from various fields of expertise including psychology, psychotherapy, and CBT. Together we deliver professional coaching through bold, transformative conversations. These one-on-one sessions are direct, challenging and designed to get results quickly. 

We encourage clients to identify issues for themselves, to discover their own solutions. By making each individual emotionally invested in the plans for change, our methods deliver more effective results.

Trained as medical doctor, Amy Iversen founded the Practice and oversees all aspects of coaching. Previously a Consultant Psychiatrist in the NHS, she has fifteen years’ experience working in mental health services at the highest level including as a psychiatrist for the Houses of Parliament. She subsequently added to that experience with a qualification in Executive Coaching and training as a CBT therapist. That blend of clinical expertise and pragmatic coaching sets the tone for whole practice. She is a highly experienced coach in both corporate and public sectors, having worked at Partner/CEO level with ‘big four’ accountancy firms, ‘magic circle’ law firms, and multi-national corporates.

Areas We Cover

Areas We Cover



Before uniting as a team, our coaches were all lauded and awarded in their own areas of expertise.

How to Refer

How to Refer

Enrolling an individual for coaching with the Practice is simple.

Coaching for Organisations

Coaching for Organisations

The human factor plays the decisive role in the success of every organisation.



Learn more about our work.

Coaching for Organisations

Coaching for Organisations

The human factor plays the decisive role in the success of every organisation. In business, as in sport, it’s often mindset that makes the ultimate difference between success and failure.

We help organisations nurture their staff to achieve extraordinary things. The Iversen Practice works with some of the country’s most prestigious companies, and firms. We design bespoke interventions for our corporate clients which help their employees to perform even better, be passionate about their work, and make a difference to the world.


We specialise in fine tuning the minds of high-performing talent across a variety of sectors. By identifying and tackling self-limiting beliefs and behaviours, our coaches help high-fliers smash through ceilings. By nurturing self-awareness, emotional intelligence and management skills, we can help emerging leaders excel and grow into their role. We are frequently brought in to help employees during periods of major change. From promotions to new roles to redundancies, we can help individuals manage these transitions successfully.

If it’s your job to lead or manage others, build high functioning teams, and get results for your organisation you need to operate at the peak of your performance. But it’s not always easy. People can be difficult. Teams can be dysfunctional. Office politics can get in the way. Faced with those challenges, even great leaders find limits. When those limits are found, our work begins.   



Direct. Personal. Transformative.

We use bold, transformative conversations to get results quickly. Conducted one-on-one, these sessions are direct, personal, and confidential. The intent is not to impose solutions, but to help employees discover their own capacity for change. Our approach follows four key steps.

    Making the first move
    We accept referrals from managers and leaders, from Human Resources, or from medical services within or allied to an organisation (Occupational Health Physicians, primary care services, and medical concierge). Based your requirements and budget, we will design a programme and assign a relevant coach.
    How good is the fit?
    All referrered employees will be invited to a 45 minute chemistry session to connect and discuss hopes and fears for the coaching, and to ascertain compatability of coach and client.
    Marking out goals
    Before the process begins, our coach will arrange a meeting with themselves, the employee and their line manager. This meeting will set out clear objectives for each party. Boundaries and issues of confidentiality will also be agreed.
    Success in six sessions
    The coach will then embark on a series of six coaching sessions conducted over three months, supplemented by as much text, or email contact as the employee requires. Three 10-minute ‘laser coaching’ conversations are also included to power through any glitches. After six sessions, coach and employee take stock of progress and report back to both the referrer and the line manager, usually in person. Following this review, a shared decision will be reached about next steps.


Our coaching style is bold, direct and designed to get results fast. If you’d like to discuss how the practice can help, we would be happy to talk through our approach with a no obligations call. We’re always honest about what can do, and what we can’t. 

When you’d like to book a session for your employee, waiting times are normally less than two weeks. Sometimes we can see clients within 48 hours.

Over the course of the initial sessions we will aim to deliver some ‘quick wins’ - simple changes to immediately solve obvious issues. The full six session course will help the employee to identify and begin to tackle more deep-seated behavioural issues. By the end, real change is evident to all, and return on investment is clear.

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