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Who are the Iversen Practice?

My Associates

Cassy Bergman-Smith

The Practice Manager and Associate Coach

I have recently finished my Masters in Positive Psychology and Coaching Psychology.

Alongside being the Practice Manager, I also coach teenagers and young adults using Positive Psychology techniques and interventions. As a coach at the beginning of my career, I am completely in touch with the realities of the lives of young people and the toll that modern society and the 24-7 connected culture can have on them.

I have always been fascinated by what makes people tick.

This led me to study Sociology at The University of Leeds, graduating with a 2:1 in 2017. My interest in people led me to embark on a career in coaching, with the goal to assist others to live a more confident and fulfilled life.

I have recently graduated from The University of East London, having completed a Masters in in Positive Psychology and Coaching Psychology. I wrote my dissertation on meaningful conversations via different technological platforms. My aim was to discover the impact on wellbeing that arises as we move towards the digital age and away from face-to-face conversations. There is no doubt that the COVID-19 pandemic had an adverse impact on teenagers and young adults in particular; school closures, an increase of social media use, loneliness and growing uncertainty about the future have all had a negative impact on their well-being. Further education and career prospects have fallen by the wayside and have left many without a sense of purpose.

I have worked at The Iversen Practice for over a year, learning my trade alongside successful and well-established coaches, constantly improving my skills and discovering new techniques. Over the lockdown period, I coached burnt-out doctors working on the frontline, using Positive Psychology techniques to encourage resilience and offer support. I found this experience extremely rewarding, and it encouraged me to constantly ground myself, as I became aware of the struggles that frontline workers were facing as they were running towards danger.

My coaching techniques are based around Positive Psychology, including interventions that encourage individuals to use their character strengths, utilise inner creativity, and feel empowered and confident enough to move towards their goals. Each session will be based around what the individual wants from coaching in the here and now – no session has to be the same. I am supervised by our Practice Lead, Dr Amy Iversen.


"Cassy has been an amazing coach all-around. Her questions are always on point and always surprise me by their depth and how far they make me progress. I’ve been coached before, but I can honestly say that Cassy offers extremely high-quality coaching and would recommend her to anyone without a moment’s hesitation.

"Cassy offered to give a series of coaching sessions to two very entrenched and burnt out GPs. I didn’t realise at the time just how challenging they would be, so thank you for persevering and for giving them your gift of positivity which I know they looked forward to very much. They are both incredibly grateful for your work and kindness with them when they were at their lowest ebb. Both have survived and thrived as a result. It will be a slow road to recovery for both, but your mindset and questions will be part of their armour going forward always."

Dr Rebecca Viney

Cassy Bergman-Smith

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